Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Kara and Kiersten were super excited to wear their halloween costumes to school on monday.
Evie wasn't too thrilled to get dressed up for trick-or-treating, but once she saw herself in the mirror with her hat on, she loved it.

We didn't think she'd wear the moustache, so Ben had the idea to stick it to her binky. That worked out great. I know I told Ben to get a picture with Tommy and
Whitney too, but there wasn't one on the camera. Grrr...

We were the first ones out on our street. You can see Tommy dressed as a cute little monkey behind Ben.

Evie was prety proud to walk along with the bigger kids.

As Ben was helping Evie down the stairs at one of the houses, I guess he pulled her arm a little too hard, and her elbow got pulled out of place. She started screaming, but quickly calmed down. She seemed to be okay unless someone tried to move her arm, and then she'd scream. She also was refusing to use her left arm or hand at all. So after dinner the others went trick-or-treating again, and I took her to the urgent care to get it set back in. The doctor tried 3 times, and said he just couldn't get it to pop back in place. Finally they took some x-rays to make sure nothing else was wrong, and sent us home, saying he thought it was back in place, but really wasn't sure. He told me to see how it was in the morning, and gave me a referral to an orthopedist just in case. The next day she still wouldn't use her left arm, and was crying when we moved it, so Ben made her an appointment. The dr. couldn't get it back in at first, but was able to on the second attempt. He also showed me how to set it back in if it pops out again. He said she is a high risk to slip back out for the next week or two. But I was amazed that by the time we got home, she was using her arm, and just back to normal as if nothing was ever wrong with it.


bmills said...

I don't think he pulled her arm, I think she slipped on the step and he held her arm still.

Ben and Becky said...

correction noted.

Angelique said...

owie, poor baby