Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving day 2011. The girls love any reason to get dressed up. As soon as I put Evie's hairbow on, she went straight to the fireplace to get her picture taken. So I decided we could do a few pictures. She didn't want the other girls in the picture, and kept shoving them out of the way. Ben went to play football early n the morning, and the girls were excited for him to get home and see they were dressed up and ready for the day. When Ben's brother Jason, and his wife Lisa arrived, the girls were going crazy. Kara came upstairs and shouted, "I'm... so... EXCITED!". It was pretty funny. Evie took a few minutes to warm up to them.The big girls didn't get to stand on the fireplace to get their pictures taken, because Evie was going crazy if they were there without her, and I was seriously afraid someone would get hurt.

I tried to talk Kiersten into a dress, but she really wanted to wear her fuzzy vest with a skirt.

Evie Pie. She is so funny about getting her picture taken in that spot. Last night Kara came upstairs and saw me on the couch holding the 2 other girls, and said, "what a cute picture." Evie immediately got up and went over to her picture spot to start cheesing it up. Kara wore this same dress for thanksgiving in 2006. It was too big on her though. This year it was the perfect size for Evie.
I made the girls these fruit turkeys while we were waiting for dinner to cook. They thought it was so funny. I liked it because, other than a slice of pie after dinner, they didn't have any sweet snacks the rest of the day, since they had these sitting around to snack on instead. nobody ate the limes, though.
Sitting down to our thanksgiving ham dinner.
just a cute picture of our rootbeer floats last night after dinner. I love the look on Evie's face. I hadn't made her one, and she was upset, so I made her a very small one, and we let her sit at the table, so she loved that. We decided to get rid of the highchair. Ben got her a booster seat, so she will be happier during meal time. She is always upset not to be at the table with the rest of us.

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