Thursday, November 10, 2011

Toy Story on Ice

The girls have been really excited about Disney on Ice. When we got home from school they were super happy to get changed into their dressy clothes, and we didn't have any problem getting them to eat their dinner.
Ben got them each a souvenir. Kiersten picked out this hat. The back has a yarn braid attatched. She didn't end up wearing it too much, because she was proud to show off her hairbow. When we were in line for the bathroom, the lady in front of me gasped, and said, "I didn't see those! where'd you get that bow?". She was visibly disappointed when I said I had made it. I took that as a compliment. I had made a bunch of extra ones, and Ben was saying I should bring them to sell or hand out. I guess I should have listened.

Kara's sno-cone came in a Jesse mug, and she also got cotton candy that came with an alien hat.

candy face Evie pie! She was pretty excited to be there, and was way cute when she saw the characters. She was getting antsy by intermission, and then she slept through most of the second half. When she saw the pictures as I was loading them on the computer, she started giggling and clapping her hands.

The toy stroy theme was pretty cute, though there weren't as many different characters to see as there have been in the past years.

Kara didn't like the part with Zurg. She told me she hates bad guys.

Luckily Buzz Lightyear came to save the day. This has to be the part of the show that got the MOST applause.

Dancing Barbies. I thought thier role in the show was too long (and the green army men too) But the girls seemed to really like it.

Kara and Keirsten both said their favorite part was when Ken and Barbie met and fell in love.

By the end, the girls were up and dancing to every song. A lot of people were watching them and laughing. I don't think it was bothering anyone. (I hope not, anyway).

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Bmills said...

So much Fun! I love the get your roll on move Kara is doing.