Tuesday, October 11, 2011

zoo and princess party!

On saturday, we decided to go to the zoo. We haven't been for several months, so it was pretty fun to let Evie run around, and see everything. She was impressed with the walruses. It brought me back to when Kara was a baby, and loved watching them.
Checking out the tiger. They have tiger cubs, but we didn't end up seeing them this time.

The kids had tons of fun running around in the shark room with their buddy, Zac.

Kids in the shark bite, looking scary!

and a smiling one too.

They always love the playground. We have to go there last, or the kids wouldn't want to go see any animals.

climbing Kara

Yesterday after school, Kara invited us to a princess party. She said we had to have it before Daddy came home so his feelings wouldn't be hurt that he was not invited. Kiersten insisted on being called, "Lady Kiersten". We also had to speak like princesses, and say things like, "this strawberry is simply divine".

Evie enjoying her hot chocolate and cheese.

After the tea party, we played a few board games until the girls started arguing and fighting. Every time someone had to fall down a chute, Kara and Kiersten would laugh wildly, and Evie joined in too, though she didn't really know why she was laughing.

Kara said she would like to plan a halloween tea party when Grandma comes at the end of the month. So I'll have to help her think of a few ideas for that.

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