Friday, October 21, 2011


I don't have many new pictures this week. I've been busy with getting our dishwasher replaced, getting ready for my trip to Utah with Evie, and getting things back in order from Ben being gone last week. Ben took this picture of the girls while I was at the gym. He didn't like me going at 5 am, because sometimes Evie would wake up, and he'd have to get up with her. So I've been going after dinner, and he has been great about getting the girls to bed without me.
I just got out our box of 18 month clothing and size 5 shoes for Evie. She loved going through the bin of shoes and picking out the ones she liked best. My little squirt is just growing up too fast!

The girls are doing great in school, and they are both learning new things. Kara is learning subtraction, and still hasn't gotten less than 100% on the weekly spelling tests. Kiersten is doing better writing her numbers and letters, and is very excited that she's been doing better at the running races they have. I think it helps that on thursdays I've been making sure she is wearing the right kind of shoes for it. Evie has gotten over her ear infection, and is a much happier girl this past week. She is still a little clingy to me, but starting to ease up a bit. Ben is still working hard as usual, and has been enjoying playing basketball. I've been busy making stuff for my 2 new nieces, Brynnleigh and Brittleah, who I'll be seeing when I go to utah. I also made halloween costumes for Ben and I, but I'll keep it a surprise what they are. It was actually quite easy to make them without a patten. I guess since they are just costumes I wasn't too obsessed with perfection. we already have a costume for Evie, but I'm thinking of making her a second costume to match with ours, to wear to a halloween party on saturday.

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