Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eagle Mountain visit!

My sisters Shelly and Angie had baby girls a week apart in september. So I had to run out there for a visit. I took Evie with me, but the other girls stayed home with Ben so they wouldn't miss school. We left on friday and came back yesterday. Angie and Clint came to pick me up from the airport. Makayla stayed at their house with us that night, and watched their kids while they picked us up.
Cute little Kyrie. She's a funny girl, and was happy to have us stay in her playroom. She kept asking me if she could jump on the bed. Angie and I accidentally stayed up talking til 7 am. So we slept in a bit on saturday, and Clint and Makayla were nice enough to take care of the little girls.

On saturday we all went to provo for a family birthday party for all the october birthdays and mine. All the kids had tons of fun playing in the leaves.

Nic was pretty excited about a new job he got at the state mental hospital.

Sweet little Brynnleigh. She is so tiny. At about 7 weeks, she's still smaller than Kiersten was at birth. Shelly and Angie made lots of baby stuff together, and their babies had the same blanket and headband on. Shelly's husband Troy came up to me right after this picture, and had to ask, "is that one mine?" I had a good laugh about that.

holding Brittleah and Brynnleigh. They both had such adorable outfits on!

my nice birthday gifts from my family.

Shelly opening her gifts.

Dad about to open his new blueray player. all of us girls went in on it for his birthday gift. He always lets the kids help him open gifts.

He seemed pretty happy with it. I was glad because he can be hard to shop for.

Evie cried a lot on the flight home. I was a little stressed out by the time we landed. But I was so happy to see Ben pulling up to pick us up, and thrilled to see Kara and Kiersten's smiling faces waiting in the car. Also waiting in the car, was a jewelry bag for me! I was surprised and happy to get this beautiful necklace from Ben. It might be my favorite one he's ever given me. I just love it. Isn't he the best. and I don't know if I can say even better, but almost as good, he cleaned out my car, had the house really clean, and dinner waiting for us at home. That was great to come home to.


Bmills said...

You forgot to mention that the necklace was for your birthday too.

Josh and Jackie said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE the necklace...So gorgeous!.... Ben is truly an amazing hubby!... I am so glad we got to see you and catch up on everything. Josh and I really wanna come see you guys soon and have already started talking about when would be a good time... :) love you guys.

VicandNanc said...

Oh, that Ben acts like he is SO tough and can't do a nice thing just because.... I'm on to the real softy side of him ;)