Thursday, October 6, 2011

October projects

After we made the paper pumpkins last week, the girls were very excited to put out halloween decorations around the house. When we were done, Kara said she thought we had more decorations. I thought so too, but I couldn't specifically remember anything that was absent. I decided we should do a few decorating projects to halloween the house up a little more. Kiersten found these wooden peanuts halloween magnets when we were at the store getting fabric for her halloween costume. She picked one out for herself, and each of her sisters.

As usual, Kara took a really long time trying to get hers just right.

I colored Evie's first, and then gave her a crayon to do some scribbling over the top.

Here they are proudly displayed on the refrigerator. The girls love rearranging and playing with them.

I've had this fabric sitting around for months, so I decided to sew myself a skirt. I made it one size too small, to encourage myself to keep losing weight. That's why it's so tight in the picture. I thought it turned out pretty good, and I only had to do the buttonhole once, which was great.

We found a foam jackolantern kit in the halloween box. i must have bought it on clearance last year after the holiday. The girls had fun creating their faces. I let them each decorate 3.

I also had a foam ring that I bought and never used. So I decided it should be turned into a halloween wreath. I just got some fun colored ribbon, and tied it closely together all the way around. This is how it turned out. I really like it, but Ben said it was weird. I guess that's okay for a halloween decoration.

I also bought some cheap-o window clings that look like little green goblins looking out your window. Yesterday, the girls didn't notice them, so today when we got home, I said, "It looks like someone is peeking out the front window." The girls both freaked out! I thought they would get that it was a fake decoration, but they both got upset and thought there were bad guys in the house. Kara refused to go in the house until I went in to make sure the monsters really were fake. (even though I'd already told her they were, and that I'd put them there.) We came in and I pulled up the blinds for the girls to see and touch them. Kara refused, but finally believed they were plastic. She said, "who would want to scare kids with pretend monsters in their house?" I felt pretty bad about it, so they might have to go. But I think for now, they are not scared of them anymore.


bmills said...

Great post, it's kinda hard to read the purple writing on the purple background...

VicandNanc said...

Oops, I commented below before I saw you updated again! That is too funny about your scarry decorations. My friend went all out with skeletons & skulls & her nephews couldn't understand why she would have a scarry house either!

bmills said...

Much better

Angelique said...

fun! While you are out here maybe you can give me pointers on blog stuff. I dont know how to change things very well.