Friday, October 14, 2011


The girls were a little confused, and thought we were picking up daddy from the airport yesterday after school. When I bursted their bubbles, that we wouldn't be picking him up for several hours, I had a few sour-pusses on my hands.
He told me he was bringing me something I would really like, so I was pretty excited to find this box when we brought him home late last night/this morning. what could it be?

yummy and adorable marzipan! hooray! And they look like little fruits. so cute, I had to take a picture to remember them by, as they certainly wont be around very long. He had to walk an hour and a half around boston in his work shoes to find the store. He came home with huge sores on both his feet. :(

Evie was pretty excited to see both Ben, and the little teddy bear he brought back for her. She gave me the least trouble, being woken at midnight to go to the airport. The other two girls were SUPER cranky when I was getting them into the car.

The big girls liked their new boston t-shirts so much, the both wore them to school today. They are also excited to have daddy read the new book he got them when he comes home from work tonight. Their teacher let us send them to school a few hours late today, so they could sleep in to compensate for being woken up in the middle of the night. Kiersten was still up at 7 am, and was kind enough to get Evie out of bed too. So I didn't get to sleep in, but Kara and Ben both did, and then he took them to school on his way into work.

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