Friday, September 30, 2011


One day this week, I decided to make the girls' snack into a spider I had seen somewhere online. My grapes were huge, though, so the legs looked weird, and I did the face differently, but the girls really got a kick out of it.

Kara is still having soccer practice 2 nights a week. Some of the other younger teams have changed to only practicing one night a week. I secretly hoped that our team would do the same. But the kids are getting better at each practice.

Kiersten and Evie love playing on the playground during practice. Evie had so much fun this day. It was the last day before she started getting sick, so it's nice to see smiling pictures of her. All I've seen the last few days, is a sad, miserable face.

As we were about to leave for practice, I noticed Kiersten was in dress up clothes. I didn't have time to make her change, as we were already a bit late. So I let her wear her outfit to the practice. There happened to be another little sister on the playground wearing a tutu and fairy wings. They decided to play together right away, and spent the entire hour together.

They usually spend a lot of their time at practice fighting over snacks.

On wednesday, the girls wanted to do a project after school. So I let them make paper pumpkins. They both were so proud to get to use the paper cutter, and the stapeler.

Here they are with the finished pumpkins. Now Kara really wants to get out all the halloween decorations. I told her we'd probably do it this weekend.

Since Evie was too sick/too little to help, I made her a smaller pumpkin so she wouldn't feel left out. It was enough for her to get to touch the supplies and tools, and she ended up almost as happy about her pumpkin as the other 2.

I think they turned out really cute for such an easy project.

We ended up hanging them from the fans in their bedrooms.

Yesterday was Kiersten's first class helper day. She woke me up in the morning, all excited, and wanted to get her hair curled. Because she got dressed and ate breakfast so quickly, I had time to do the curls for her. She was so proud, i really should do it more often. She decided to take her baby zhu zhu pet for show and tell.

After school, she kept telling me that she was so special, and telling me excitedly about her day. When i tried to get her to tell Ben around bed time, she didn't really have much to say. I guess she was tired of talking about it.

Kara was class helper today. She ended up taking Kiersten's Ariel and Eric barbies. Ben tried to talk her out of it, but Kiersten was okay with it, so that's what she took. I'm sure Kiersten will want to bring prince Eric for show and tell herself, so the kids will just get to see him twice. Today was also their first field trip of the year. they got to ride a ferry boat. they both had lots of fun. I was glad I didn't volunteer to chaperone, because i ended up taking Evie to the doctor today, and she has a double ear infection. So I'm glad i didn't have her out and about, and crying the whole time.
After I took their picture together, Kiersten said, "mommy, you need to take a very special picture of just me on my best field trip day ever".


bmills said...

Fruit spiders taste great!

Angelique said...

So sad about poor little Evie! Give her hugs and kisses from us!

VicandNanc said...

You are the best mom ever! I was just telling people at our ward activity last night how crafty & on top of it you are :)