Monday, September 12, 2011

first day of school

The much anticipated first day of school is finally here! The girls were so excited last night to help me pack their lunches and set out their clothes for the morning. Karalee even insisted on setting her alarm clock to wake her up. Kiersten will be doing the preschool program and Kara will be one of 5 kids in the kindergarten program. I am relieved there are other kindergarteners in the class. In Kara's first year of preschool, there was only 1 kindergartener, and she seemed to be doing more babysitting than learning. So I'm glad that Kara will have a group of peers her own age to learn with. Kiersten is really excited to show her teacher that she can write her name.

They are also excited about their new shoes and backpacks. I guess I didn't get that great of a picture. Kiersten's is my little pony.

Kara has a Mario Kart backpack, featuring princess Peach. She also has a lunch box to match, which she is pretty excited about.

arriving at school

Kiersten has been dreaming of the day that she would be staying at school with Kara, instead of spending the day with boring, old mommy. She immediately started introducing herself to her new friends, and even told Mrs. Wright that she isn't going to have any accidents today. I hope that's true! Her shirt had a detatchable necklace and chains, which she broke off on the way to school. She was really upset about it, and crying. I think I can fix it though. I wasn't to worried about it, because I got that shirt for $4.00.

Kara immediately went into "big sister" mode. Being overprotective, bossy, and extra sweet to Kiersten all at once. I've warned her several times not to boss Kiersten around at school, but I knew she would. I also know her teacher wont let her get away with it too much. She's had siblings in her school at the same time before.

On saturday, Kara had her first soccer game. Here are the Tigers waiting patiently on the bench and cheering their teammates on the field. Kara is to the right.

It took her a few minutes to be willing to go after the ball. She seemed to be worried about being rude to the other team, by taking it away. Ben and the coach both had to tell her it was okay.

She did better in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of play. by the last quarter, she was hot, tired, and upset, and didn't want to go back on the field. She just wanted to sit in the shade eating snacks. Ben has lots of ideas what he wants to work on with her. We also decided that next week, she needs to have a bigger breakfast than just a bowl of cereal to keep her energy level up better. I think all of the kids will do better next week, now they've played an actual game instead of just practicing and doing drills.


VicandNanc said...

I was waiting to hear that Kara ruled the field on her game so I can't wait to hear if she improves or not! Also, I've never thought about making the frosting faces first & then putting them on the cupcake... I'll have to try that if I ever make them again!

Josh and Jackie said...

Cute, they both looked so excited for school...Its super nice they can go to the same school too....Is it weird being at home with just Evie when their gone...I'm sure its nice to have that time alone with her. Sure miss you guys. :)