Wednesday, September 7, 2011

space helmets and sassy soccer star

Ben recently decided to have a daddy-daughter date with each of the girls individually on the weekends. On saturday, he took Kiersten out for a movie, candy store, and other fun stuff. So that left me at home with Evie and Kara, who was determined to make our day fun at home. Right after breakfast, she made up a list of things to do, and told me we'd just keep checking fun things off the list til we ran out, or it was time for bed. One of the first things, was to have a party on mars. So she made these paper hats for us to use as helmets, and we all sat on her bed (the rocketship).

Evie's space helmet.

I let Kara take this picture, but I was trying to help her hold the camera still, and my helmet fall back at the last minute. I hoped I'd caught more of it than just a small corner, but I'm sure you get the idea what it looked like from seeing the others.

After the rocket ship landed on mars, we played a few games and watched "open season 3". According to Kara, it was the first movie the martians had ever seen. We had time for a few more fun activities before Ben and Kiersten got home, and then we went to a birthday party. I forgot the camera, but it was really fun. The girls had a blast, but were exhausted by the time we came home. They sure love those bounce houses, even Evie. Maybe we'll have to do that for one of their birthday parties.

On sunday, Ben helped his friend move, and took Kara and Kiersten with him to play with their little boy. So Evie and I went school clothes shopping without them. At first, I was kinda sad they would rather play with thier friend than go shopping with me, because it can be fun. But I have to admit that it was way easier, and faster with just Evie. We got everything they need, without them begging to get more stuff they don't need. we stopped at a sale Ben wanted me to check out, and still had time for a cinnabon and time to let Evie play in the kiddie area for a while. So it was a nice day. Monday was low key. We had Sandy and Jen over and Ben made burgers. It was a nice, relaxed afternoon.

Kara had her second soccer practice yesterday. She is loving it. There are 4 girls and 2 boys on her team, all 5 years old. They have their first game on saturday. The coach asked them for team name suggestions, and all he could get were "princesses", "fairies", and "charging unicorns". So he told them all to talk to their parents about it and come to practice on thursday with a few better suggestions. She is definitely the most aggressive/confident player so far. I'm sure the other kids will get more daring after another practice or 2. Kara was doing so well at dribbling, so the coach had her run around trying to steal the ball from the others as they practiced. The first time, as soon as she ran toward the others, they all kicked their ball out of bounds rather than face her. So he made them try again, and they all tried to keep dribbling, but she was able to get them all out. She was so proud to be chosen to steal the balls. It's all she talked about on the way home. Kiersten and Evie don't have as great of a time watching her practice in the heat for an hour. Hopefully as it starts to cool off a bit, they'll be a little happier. Here's a picture of my silly little poser before we left for practice. She's pretty proud of her "soccer clothes". I wish I could share the look on her face when we got her uniform yesterday, when she saw that it was black and gold, and more than a bit oversized. She said, "I only have to wear that to the games, right?"

and since Kiersten has no intention of being out-sassed by Kara, here is a picture of both of them, posing away.


Josh and Jackie said...

Love it they are so funny and that is super cute that Ben is doing Daddy daughter dates with them..Josh takes Cash out with just the two of them, but he has yet to take out just kaymie. So when do the girls start school any way? We love and miss you guys a ton.

VicandNanc said...

Oh man do I love your little posers & Kara already want to look stylish on the field! I SO wish I was there to see her steal the balls from all the other little kids!

Angelique said...

So cute! She is so lucky to be able to be in soccer that sounds fun! Im sorry I haven't been able to comment for a while. I really hate not having internet :) I do look at your posts as often as I can get my phone to work, But it wont let me post anything.