Monday, June 27, 2011

Fashion show and Yard sale

Friday was a no tv or video games day again. I made a big list of fun things we could do. Kara was so happy to check things off the list when we did them. She even added a few things to the list. my favorites were, kwiit time (quiet time), lit brit (light bright), read books, math, and fashin shoe (fashion show). She brought down her cd player for the fashion show and turned off all the lights in the house except the playroom. Then I was to sit on the couch and ooh and ahh over all the "looks". Evie was a little too interested in the cd player, so halfway through she got put in her highchair for lunch time. If I used either of their names, Kara would instruct me to please just call them "model".

evie was so cute stealing their purses and accesories, but with that and the cd player, the girls were pretty happy when i put her in the highchair.

by the time the show was over, Evie must have gotten bored, because she fell asleep like this.

Our neighborhood HOA decided to put on a huge yard sale event this weekend. There were tons of houses with sales going on, and since we're moving in july, we also took advantage of the opportunity to get rid of anything we don't want to move. On saturday, I walked around to all the other sales with Karalee, and she was thrilled to find several little girls selling lemonade, cookies, and candy. So on sunday she really wanted to sell cupcakes. All my cupcake pans are packed except the jumbo ones. so I made her some of those. At first she was just sitting there, hoping for customers. But as soon as Kiersten came out, she started yelling out to people to come buy the cupcakes, and it totally worked. She was a natural sales-girl. She just needs to learn not to lick the product she's trying to sell to someone. They made just under $10, and that money is sure burning a hole in Kara's pocket. She can't wait to spend it. Ben talked her out of spending it at the other yard sales, and we plan on letting them use it for a new game or something fun.

we sold tons of stuff and made a good amount of money. Ben even arranged for a goodwill truck to be there at the end of the second day so everyone could just donate the things they didn't sell. That was so nice to just be done with all the stuff that's been cluttering our house! I was surprised to get a phone call from someone wanting to come over and look at the house as the sale was ending. They were nice though, and didn't care that the house was a mess, as I'd been outside all day doing the yard sale, instead of inside, cleaning. We've started having lots of interest in renting our house, (including one stinky scam artist) so hopefully we'll start getting some applications in and get it rented soon after we move out.


VicandNanc said...

Oh, I'm glad the garage sale went good. Ben hasn't mentioned it. I love the fashion show! Kara's tutu & boa almost looks like something funky a model would wear today! I also love the dancing pictures from the post below. They are SO sweet. I'm sure they will love those pictures when they get older :)

Vicky Van Sickle said...

The cupcake sale was a great idea. I would of loved to see Kiersten selling the cupcakes, how cute.