Thursday, June 9, 2011

playing together

Ben was disappointed that I didn't post a blog update last week, so I thought I'd give him 2 this week. A few days ago we had a barbie hair salon in the livingroom. Everyone got new hairdos. I'm kinda weird about not wanting them to take out the original hairstyles the barbies came with, but I realize these are their toys, and meant to be played with. So we took out all the elastics and clips and they got to brush them out to their heart's content. They'll never look like new again, but neither of the girls care, so I shouldn't either. I really am trying to change my annoying ways. Eive was all up in everyone's business. She kept putting these play earings in her mouth, so I decided to clip them onto her ears. She kept them on for almost 30 minutes.

Kiersten had to have her picture taken with every single one of the barbies she styled. I did end up helping her a bit. This one was particularly hard to see the perfect curls get brushed out all frizzy, but oh well.

Kiersten loves making Ariel and the other barbies dance with "prince Eric". Eric from the little mermaid is her favorite prince. She completely plans on marrying him eventually.

This is pretty typical when the big girls are trying to play. Evie-saurus just gets right in there and joins in the fun.

Kiersten loves the days when Kara doesn't go to school. Here they are playing volleyball in the backyard. I think Kara has some natural talent for it.

Kiersten thinks she is such a big girl. and I guess she's more right than I may like to admit. She is SO excited about going to preschool in the fall.

They played a little soccerr too.

One of them kicked the ball right at Evie. It knocked her down and bounced off. she didn't cry, but she was a little stunned. I was trying to get a picture of them kicking it, but caught it a little late, right as they were running away and blaming each other for knocking her down.


VicandNanc said...

Kara does have the volleyball body type so maybe it is destiny! I would hate to see barbie hair get ruined too so I feel your pain!

Josh and Jackie said...

So fun, your girls are always having so much fun. You really are my Mom idol!...I wish I could be half as creative and fun as you are. Love and miss you all!