Wednesday, June 15, 2011

little detectives

First, I'll just get this photo out of the way. the girls were playing keep away in their new room a few nights ago, and enjoying their recently downstacked bunk beds. Kiersten jumped right into the side railing, and this was the result. I can barely stand to look at this picture, it's so sad. But it looks much better now. She acted fine the rest of the night, and only remembers it now when she sees it in the mirror. I still feel awful about it though. My poor baby! Why are my kids suddenly getting hurt all the time?!? 2 things led to this blog entry. First, last weekend when we were packing up stuffed animals, we came across blue of blue's clues. The kids had obviously forgotten all about her, and were thrilled to see her and play with her again. The second thing, was last night. They were playing detectives, and going around the house with note pads writing down clues, and drawing pictures of clues. So the obvious thing for me to do, was to set up a game of blue's clues. They came down for breakfast and found blue on the counter with 2 notebooks and pens ready to go. It wasn't hard for them to figure out she wanted to play the game. She told me in my ear that she wanted us to find a friend for her to have a playdate with. They were also excited to be provided with paw print badges with their names on them to wear while we looked for clues.

Kiersten quickly found the first clue. It was on dad's tie. They both took it seriously and took a long time to draw their clues and then think about what it could mean. The second clue was on my face in a family photo. After that they were sure blue wanted me to wear dad's tie and play with her. But we decided to find the third clue. Kiersten spotted all 3 of the paw prints. The last one was on a closet door. (please excuse the moving mess in the background)

I didn't even get a chance to ask, "now what do we do?" before they both shouted, "thinking chair!!!" and ran off to their room to think about the clues. It only took a little help from me to get Kara to put together that dad's ties belong in mom's closet. and off they ran to check it out.

waiting in the closet was their favorite little stuffed puppy. turns out, that's who blue wanted to have a playdate with.

It went pretty well, but the 2 puppies did end up having a small spat, at which point, I decided we'd better go downstairs for breakfast. I could barely get the girls to sit in their chairs and eat. they keep excitedly talking about playing again, and what kind of mystery we can solve next. So this wasn't exactly planned to be an all day game, but it looks like it might last a little longer than I'd anticipated. (Kiersten just came upstairs and proudly announced that she will be wearing her blue's clues underwear today.)since Evie was napping during the game, I wanted to share a photo of her too. It looks like she is sleeping on this box, but she just blinked as I took the picture. She was climbing all over this box of old clothes, and I thought it was cute.

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VicandNanc said...

Oh man, I wouldn't even know where to start with blue's clues! Before I read your explanation of Evie, I thought "oh, poor Evie-so tired she fell asleep in a moving box!" :)