Wednesday, July 6, 2011

independence weekend!

We had such a fun weekend. On saturday, Ben took Kara and Kiersten to see Cars 2, while I ran some errands with Evie. They really liked it. We stopped and bought some fireworks on the way home, and the girls were so impatient to use them. Ben and I were doing some packing/cleaning in the garage, and some neighbors were doing their fireworks. Evie smiled the first few times, but when Ben decided to set off a particularly loud one, she started screaming. my older girls were never afraid of fireworks, even as very small babies, so I was a little surprised to see Evie so terrified. But as long as I held her, she didn't really cry again. (but she did cling to me).

of course, they had tons of fun doing sparklers.

We decided to set off a few ground fireworks, but save all the big ones for later, after dark.

They were so cute oohing and aahing over all the ones that went up high. It's a little distracting with practically all of our neighbors setting off such huge fireworks displays all at once. Kiersten kept saying she didn't know which ones to look up at.

On sunday, we had tickets to the Tacoma Rainiers game. It was a perfect day. It was nice and warm, so nobody was complaining about being cold, and nobody got sunburned either.

Evie had a good time making friends with all the people sitting around us. She fell asleep for the second half of the game, but woke up just in time for the big fireworks show they put on. She actually watched them and only whimpered a little. Kara and Kiersten were adorable singing along loudly with Katy Perry's firworks song.

It turned out to be a great game, and our team won.

Ben and Evie were both starting to get sick on the 4th. So we just went out to lunch at a bbq place we've been wanting to try. then we did a little shopping at the mall, and went home. We played a game together for much of the afternoon, and just as it was getting dark, the neighborhood fireworks shows started up again. It really is insane listening to constant fireworks for hours on end. The girls and I went out and watched them for a while, and then went in to bed. but the girls kept being woken up by huge booms outside. I finally got them to stay asleep around midnight, but the fireworks kept waking me up til after 3! some of them were shaking our entire house. I was worried about something landing on the roof and starting a fire, but nothing like that happened. (thought I'm sure we have plenty of firework remnants on our roof right now).


Josh and Jackie said...

Fun the girls all look so cute in their fourth of july outfits. We miss and love you, hope all the packing goes well.

Vicky Van Sickle said...

I love your pictures. It's also amazing how many fireworks are set off in your neighborhood.