Monday, June 13, 2011

getting ready to move

I was thinking this blog was going to be pretty random, but when I looked at the pictures I quickly realized that they are all related to the fact that we are getting ready to move next month. I have been putting off working in the flower bed in front of my house for several weeks now. It looked great in April, but then may was so rainy, I didn't want to get out there. Now that Kara's out of school and it isn't raining every day, I didn't have any excuses left. Also, if we want to get our house rented out, we need to get some pictures soon. So I took the kids outside and let them play while I worked. Kiersten enjoyed riding her bike in a princess gown and new sunglasses Daddy ordered for her. Kara scootered up and down the sidewalk.

Evie was bummed to get stuck in the stroller, but I cant trust her not to run away, so that is where she spent her time outside. she also got to try out some new sunglasses.

This is how things were looking. Weeds, dead tulips, and all. I'm sure my neighbors were getting tired of looking at this mess.

As soon as I was done weeding, and Kara saw me start planting flowers, her scooter was put away and she was outside with her windowsill flowers, which had outgrown their plastic confines. Though I hadn't planned for them, we were able to make room.

much better. Though every year, those lilys are bigger and taller, I decided to leave them for now. If our renters want to pull them out or move them, I will not complain.

Also related to moving, we turned Evie's crib into a daybed. First, so it will be easier to move, and second, because we wanted to store the pack 'play she was sleeping in almost every night instead of her crib. She was pretty excited about it. Suddenly she has no problem with wanting to sleep there. I guess it was the caged in feeling that was putting her off. We completely cleared out her room so I could clean the carpet, so we put her crib in our room for now. We then moved everything from the guest room that didn't get packed or put in the yard sale into Evie's room. That left the guest room empty and ready for cleaning. Finally, we moved the girls into what had been the guest room so I could tackle their room. It turned out to be a great move. It works better than the room they have been in. We really wish we'd thought of making that change a lot sooner.

We did a lot of searching yesterday for the tv stand for the girls' tv. During the search, Ben came across Kiersten's old giraffe toy. So he brought it in for Evie to ride. She has been on that thing ALL morning! Good call, Ben!

so far we have around 30 bins packed up, and almost 5 weeks left to pack up the rest. We are finally making good use of our way too big dining room! It is kinda weird to be living with these bins, and empty drawers and cupboards. I can't wait til we are moved and can unpack. It has been interesting as we pack each room or closet, how much stuff we have that we don't use, want or need. Our walk in closet is really filling with things intended for our big, neghborhood yard sale in a few weeks, and I don't think we'll miss a thing. But some of our neighbors are going to be getting great deals on some pretty nice stuff, just because we finally admitted that we never use it.

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