Sunday, May 1, 2011

Utah visit

We just got back from a 2 week trip to Utah and Idaho. The first week was spent in Utah visiting with my family. The girls and I flew out together, and Ben stayed behind in Washington to work that week. We stayed with my parents for several days. The girls loved my mom's cat, Muffy. Kara kept trying to get a picture with her, but she kept running away. Digging in Shelly's backyard.

My lovely neice Makayla was so good with the babies, and little kids. Evie really took a liking to her.

my mom was so thrilled that Rylynn came to sit on her lap. Usually she is a Grandpa's girl. So we had to take a picture to remember that she did take a nap with Grandma at least once.

Kiersten took a nap in a comfortable place for once!

Just a picture to make Ben jealous of my meatloaf and funeral potatoes. Also, This was taken before Jackie cut my hair off.It is much shorter now, and I don't miss an inch of it!

I got this egg at the dollar store. The girls and their cousin Cash excitedly waited for it to hatch.

I got this little easter project for the girls to do at Grandma and Grandpa's house the day that none of their cousins came over to play.

Kara loved hanging out with Cash.

Mom, Jackie, and I took the kids to a restaurant called Pirate Island. They sure had a blast!

Kiersten won tons of tickets.

Evie really liked her Grandma Boot, and would even reach for her while I was holding her, which is rare. Mom loved having a baby like her so much.

The girls used their tickets for eye patches, erasers and tootsie rolls.

The kids were so excited when the egg finally hatched and a baby duck was inside.

Another easter project that the girls did with Cash.

Jayden and Kiersten.

Dad holding Evie and Kaymie. He sure is good with all the kids.

Uncle Nic playing with Evie.

We spent a few nights at Shelly and Troy's house in eagle mountain. My girls loved having other girls to play with and playing dress up and fashion show.

Kara and Laynee get along so well. As much as she loves all her cousins, Laynee seems to be the favorite. They have just about everything in common.

Jackie bought brightly colored cupcakes for Cash's birthday party. all the kids got a kick out of Kiersten's messy face. she had bright green poo 2 days later.

we had a sister sleepover, and all the kids watched movies and slept in sleeping bags. the next morning, there was popcorn everywhere! It was fun playing games and laughing with mom and my sistas, and Makayla joined the adults too.

the next morning we took all the kids to hogle zoo. they had fun, but it sure was an adventure trying to follow around 14 kids!

we had a big group, and some people were annoyed, and some people thought we were polygamists since Troy was the only husband that went. but all the kids had fun, and that's what matters. we may have had a lot of kids, but at least they were pretty well behaved.

adorable kiddos. Laynee, Kara, and Addy stuck together. Afton really wanted to be included in their little group.

After the zoo, we had the kids play some easter games, anf then they had an egg hunt in the backyard.

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