Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's your day, Mama!

Kiersten was very excited on sunday to inform me that it was "my day". Ben was sweet enough to have my favorite breakfast ready and waiting for me as soon as Evie woke me up that morning. He took the girls to buy me a gift on saturday, and they couldn't wait til the next morning to give it to me. We played a game of hot and cold for me to find the gift. I finally located it in the washing machine. Please ignore Kiersten's bum scratching... They got me this adorable charm bracelet, and picked out all the pieces for me. The 3 girls are obviously my kids' birth stones. The hexagon beads are my and Ben's birth stones, and they just chose a few other cute beads and charms to complete it. Isn't that the cutest present?

I've been making tons of bows for the girls lately. Here is Evie sporting one of them.

Kiersten and Kara have started requesting certain bows. They will draw pictures of how they want it, and go through all my ribbon to pick out what they want.

On days she doesn't go to school, Kara expects me to make her a matching bow for whatever outfit she picks out. I don't know how long that will last though. I guess until I get tired of making them.


makayla said...

cute! love your super cute bracelet!

VicandNanc said...

Oh, I have often wondered about getting that into bow making... to make a matching bow for outfits when we go out or to church. I don't feel that ambitous yet though! Plus, I think I'd need to learn how to make your ribbon ones to do that. Anyway, I'm glad you put a picture of your bracelet cuz Ben tried to describe it to me in detail right after he bought it (he was pretty excited & proud of himself :)) but a bit warry of the rainbow charm, haha! It's all very pretty & meaningful though. I especially love the beads that represent you & Ben.

Josh and Jackie said...

Love the charm bracelet super super cute! Miss you guys a ton already, it was so so fun spending all that time together