Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Evie's blessing and Easter

After a week in Utah, my parents drove me and the girls up to Idaho Falls for Evie's baby blessing. Ben had driven out early that morning from home, and met us at Mark and Vicky's house. Here we are with Grandma Hill waiting outside the church for the bishop to show up for the blessing. He had forgotten about the blessing, so we went back to Mark and Vicky's to eat dinner. We were all tuckered out from the drive and a cold we caught in Utah.

when the bishop got our messages, he came right over for the blessing. She slept through it, but woke up happy. My dad gave her the sweetest blessing.

Ben didn't change back into his suit

the recently engaged aunt Katie. Doesn't she look happy?

These are blurry, but I like how they show off her dress. She's a quick little runner.

Happiest baby!

After the blessing we colored easter eggs. Amber and Shaun came over with their twin boys, who we hadn't met in person yet.

Look at these cute kids waiting for an easter egg hunt. We had the hunt around noon on sunday.

my girls were sure anxious to get out to the hunt.

my sweet little bear. she is getting so big. When we were dress shopping, she had already picked out this dress, and when we found perfectly matching shoes at H&M, she said, "O..M..G.. these are the perfect shoes I've been looking for!" what 5 year old talks like that?!?

Kiersten is getting prettier and prettier. She loved this dress at the store. She really freaked out about it and had to have it. It drove her crazy to see it in her closet for a month and not be able to wear it.

Our family on Easter 2011.

the start of the hunt.Evie only picked up 3 eggs and then gave up.

It got a bit competitive between the two girls. Kiersten lost her temper a few times when Kara beat her to an egg.

since all of the girls' Easter stuff got left home by someone (Ben!) We bought some clearance premade baskets for them to hunt for. They still ended up with tons of candy and toys though.

Evie was pretty excited about her treats and the easter grass.

It was a really fun blessing/easter weekend. Be looking for another post in the next day or so with pictures from our week in Idaho.


Dustin and Erika said...

Evie's dress is beautiful!

VicandNanc said...

Your week in Utah looks extra busy, but fun! I bet you were exhausted by the end! I love how cute your girls always look... and that you got a picture of blue faced Kiersten in there!