Monday, May 16, 2011


Evie is not happy to see the baby gate set up, but she just wont stop climbing up the stairs. my cute little nappers.

Evie loves when Kiersten doesn't finish her snack, especially when she leaves it within reach for her to snag it.

she has started smiling differently than she used to. We rarely see her huge open-mouthed smile. now we see this cheesy little grin. It does show off her cute little tooth.

Kara's homework assignment on friday was about gardening and growing food. The extra assignment at the bottom is always optional. This one asked the kids to plant something to grow in a windowsil garden. I found this little flower kit at wal-mart. She had a lot of fun planting the seeds and getting it all set up.

Here it is in the window getting ready to grow. Also pictured is the plant she gave me for mother's day. The teacher helped them make flower pots and plant the flowers at school. It says, "you're the best mom a kid could ever have". I think it's pretty cute.

I also got them some radish seeds to plant in this big pot. Kiersten loved getting to help and get her hands dirty.

After everyone was cleaned up, I surprised them with a third project. Kiersten smashed up some oreos with the ice cream scoop.

Then we made worms in dirt with ice cream, oreos and gummy worrms.

It was a fun morning.


Dustin and Erika said...

You're such a fun mom!

Josh and Jackie said...

Cute you really are the best Mom, I'm just going to start stealing all of your ideas... :)

Josh and Jackie said...

At least I'm not stealing your clothes any more! LOL...Just your ideas now.

Vicky Van Sickle said...

You do such creative teaching projects for your children. I am so proud to have you for my daughter-in-law.