Friday, July 2, 2010

Daddy's home

Ben has been off work yesterday and today, and doesn't have to go back until tuesday. When Kara woke up yesterday morning, she said, "daddy stays home with us for 5 days!" she was pretty excited. So we've been trying to do fun things with the girls that we wont want to or be able to do when the baby arrives. Yesterday we took the girls to the zoo, and spent a good amount of the day there. It was pretty fun, but we didn't take the camera, since we've been there tons of times recently. After the zoo, I had my 38 week dr's appt. so Ben took the girls to run a few errands and to sonic for slushy drinks while I was at the appt. We relaxed most of the evening, and then set off a few fireworks for the girls that night. Kiersten was super cute saying, "wow! look mommy! a green one!" etc. They both loved it, and so did some of the neighbor kids. They kept shouting across the street for us to do more. It didn't bother me, but Ben got a little annoyed.
Today, we decided to take the girls to play putt putt. We went to a course we hadn't been to before, called the putting zoo. We could choose the movement and obstacle course, or the tubes and water course. We did the water one. It was pretty fun. Both girls did great for the first 9 holes. After that, Kiersten kinda lost interest, and I was ready to be done by the 14th hole, but Ben made us stay and finish. He beat me by 2 points in the end, even though I had a hole in one. Kara started out doing well, but after she decided to golf without assistance, she started doing a lot worse.
Ben the master of min golf.
We let a few groups of older boys get past us, so we weren't holding them up, so the girls sat for a rest for a few minutes.
Kiersten really loved this waterfall. She played in it while I took Kara for a potty break.
mini golf at 9 months pregnant. I still did pretty well, but it was hard to bend down to pick up my ball. I kept trying to get Ben and the girls to pick it up and set it down for me. I'm sure it got annoying.
They loved throwing rocks in the water, after this hole, is when Kiersten stopped caring about golfing.

After putt putt, we stopped at mcdonald's and got ice cream cones. They were super tasty! both girls fell asleep on the way home, and got pretty good naps, but Kara is awake now, and wanted to scrapbook. (which she ALWAYS wants to do when Kiersten is sleeping.) So I think I will go join her.

My mom is coming on sunday. I will feel so much better once she's here, because I wont have to worry about having backup babysitters in place, or who will drive me to the hospital if i go into labor next week while Ben is at work. And I'm just looking forward to seeing her! Our new little baby will be here pretty soon, and I think we're pretty much ready for her when she decides to come!

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