Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Our baby is finally here. My dr. said she would induce me on my due date, but when I called into the hospital on monday morning, they were full, so I just went about my day as usual. The next induction date would be thursday, so I figured I'd have to wait til then, or til I went into labor otherwise. Late in the afternoon, I was taking a nap, and the hospital called and said if I could be there within an hour they would induce me. So we hurried off to go have the baby. After an hour of trying to get my IV in, (and 6 painful pokes) I was induced. After 7 hours of labor, I wasn't progressing, so the dr. decided to stop the pitocin and give my body a few hours break. But I kept contracting anyway, and woke up right before 2 AM with very painful contractions. The nurse came in and I told her about it. She said she would adjust my epidural, since my legs were totally numb, but I still felt the contractions. But as soon as she checked me, she said I was fully progressed, and we wouldn't have time, so I'd just have to push with the pain. As soon as the dr. got there, I delivered her very quickly.
Evangeline Rebecca Miller. She came at 2:32 AM and she weighed 7lbs 6oz(which is exactly 12 ounces bigger than Kara, and 12 ounces smaller than Kiersten). She is just 19 1/2 inches long. My shortest baby so far. The biggest surprise was that she had hair. I even asked the Dr. if she was sure that was my baby! It's not super long, but way more than my other two baldies. Since her hair is dark, Ben wanted to name her middle name after me. We had been trying to decide a good middle name, so I thought that was a good idea. I didn't have much time to get ready to leave for the hospital, so I ended up giving birth with makeup on, which, as you can see, smeared all over my face. I totally cried my way through the last push. I said "I can't do it" and Ben, my Dr, and the nurses were saying, "she's half way out! you have to do it!" Ben loved her immediately, and wanted to hold her right away.
About a half hour after she was born.
you can kinda see her hair here. most of it is in the back though. When it gets wet, it curls up. She was looking a little yellow this morning, but the pediatrician wasn't worried about her numbers. He just said to keep an eye on it, and keep her near the sunny windows, etc.
she has scrawny little chicken legs!
in her going home outfit, which was too big, of course.
I love crying baby pictures. I think this was because she was mad about getting dressed.
Getting in the car seat to go home.
Kara and Evie. Please ignore the filthy face!
Kiersten and Evie. She is sure excited about this new baby! In the hospital, Evie started crying, and Kiersten started singing "twinkle twinkle little star". Kara joined in singing, and Evie calmed right down. And happily, the whole moment was caught on video!
They just want to be around her and cuddling with her constantly. Ben finally had to kick them out and shut the door so I could feed her safely. Kiersten is a jumper!
I think she fits in well.
Grams missed her flight monday night. (which turned out to be okay, since we were at the hospital). But Ben picked her up from the airport the next morning. She came straight to the hospital to meet the baby. My mom kept me company at the hospital while Ben took the girls to pick Lana up. But i din't get a good picture of her with the baby. I'll make sure to get a better one though.
The girls each brought her a gift, and they were just so excited at the hospital. They stayed for a few hours yesterday. Kiersten keeps saying, "she's so tuuuute!"
Kara is already trying to think of anything she can do to "help" with the baby. she is really such a sweet girl. And she is definitely loving all the attention from having 2 grandmas around!
I'm sure I'll have taken a million more pictures by the time I do another update. I brought my DSi to the hospital to pass the time, but I spent way more time taking pics of her with it, than I spent playing any games on it. I guess it must be love!


Lindsay said...

Congratulations, Becky! What a darling name, too. :)

pete said...

Ahhhh....what cute pictures!! congrats! she is beautiful!

Josh and Jackie said...

I love her so much already too...I hope we can meet her soon, she is so adorable and she does have a ton of dark hair..So so cute you guys make adorable babies! She fits right in with your now family of 5!.....K-razy

Vicky Van Sickle said...

Very cute baby! The three girls are just beautiful. I wish you lived closer to me.

Brandi Pace said...

Oh she's beautiful! Congrats!

Troy and Rachelle said...

yea!!!! We are so happy for you that she is here! I love the pics with all 3 girls in them. Super cute!! We can't wait so meet her, she is just so sweet.