Sunday, July 11, 2010

baby shower and princess party

First, a few pictures from my baby shower on Thursday. I know I am getting way huge, and swollen. The heat is definitely not helping with the swelling, but it helps to know I'll have my baby here very soon!
It was a fun shower, and everyone was so generous. My mom made this quilt for the baby.
Just another dress up picture of Kiersten, so she isn't left out.
Kara has really been looking forward to going to her friend Chai's princess birthday party. It was yesterday, and I was glad I was able to take her. (even though the place wasn't air conditioned) they made sparkly crowns, and then they all got to dress up like princesses.
Princess Tiana was a surprise guest. She sang a few songs for the girls, and they absolutely loved it. Kara wanted to be right next to her for the entire party.
a group picture of the girls with Princess Tiana. She gave them lots of tips on how to be a good princess.
The birthday girl dancing with her daddy.
the girls put on a fashion show for us moms. They interviewed the girls, and every single one said their favorite princess was Tiana. But I'm pretty sure Kara just said that because she was the princess there. Normally, she says cinderella.
After the fashion show, they had a dance party. Kara mostly danced with her friend Peyton.
dancing with Tiana.
They also had a little tea party with apple juice and cupcakes. Kara loved being complimented on her table manners. Afterward, I had to make her go watch Chai open presents, because she wanted to clean up the table after the tea party.
more dancing at the end of the party.


Vicky Van Sickle said...

What a fun birthday party! Such a cute idea. And who gave you a baby shower? That was nice of them.

VicandNanc said...

How fun to still be able to have a baby shower, I LOVE showers! That birthday party looks fabulous, I wish I could have gone too!