Monday, June 21, 2010

father's day

I think Ben enjoyed his father's day this year. We woke up early to go to the morning showing of Toy Story 3. The girls were both so good, and sat through the whole thing without acting up at all. After the movie, we went to Ben's favorite mexican restaurant for lunch. It was yummy, but we got in and out of there pretty fast. i guess we were all full of popcorn from the movie. When we came home, the girls were excited to give Ben their gifts. Kara also made up a short father's day song for him. Kiersten picked out his Elmo card for him, and Kara got to pick out the envelope for it.
I let the girls wrap their own gifts. They did a pretty decent job, though it was hard for me not to jump in and do it "right". but I controlled myself, and let them do it. I got Ben what he wanted for father's day, but I also took the girls to the store, and let them each pick out something special they wanted to get for him. Kara got him a Mariner's hat.
Kiersten got him a Mr. Goodbar. as soon as I told them they got to pick out a gift, she started saying she wanted to get him candy. She actually picked out a regular hershey bar, but I got her to switch to the mr. goodbar by saying, "let's pick one with a pretty color. How about the yellow one?" She totally went for that, so I was glad he could get something he would like to eat.
I just thought this was a cute picture of Kiersten. After bath time, I got her dressed, and she said, "where's the camera?" I told her it was put away, and she said, "you take my picture pweeeze, mommy?" so of course I couldn't say no to that.


VicandNanc said...

Cute presents and I love the big sister t-shirt :)

Vicky Van Sickle said...

It looks like Ben had a nice father's day. He is a lucky man.