Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dash point beach

A few beach pictures from the other day. We bought the girls some new beach toys, so I decided to take them to the beach. I'm glad we went on the day we did, because it's been in the 90's ever since, and I'd have been miserable. Mom stretching her legs while Kiersten was filling a bucket with water.
Kara usually just wants to play in the sand, and wont go in the water much. I was surprised that this time she actually got in the waves a few times.
Ben came after he got off work and met us there. I brought him a change of clothes, but forgot sandals, so he had to go barefoot. I don't think it was too much of a problem for him though. Here he is "helping" the girls build a sand castle.
Kara stamping out a starfish pattern in the sand.
Kiersten would spend all her time in the water if we'd let her. We had to keep bringing her in. She doesn't get scared of the waves at all.
Kara insisted on bringing this chair. I wished I had brought mine too. I had to sit on the uncomfortable ground the whole time. I got tons of stares. I'm conviced people thought I was a beached whale. I actually thought my belly was looking smaller that day, but I saw a few pics that my mom took of me, and I thought, "no wonder people were staring". I'm pretty enormous.
Kiersten loves dressing up. This was her outfit today. The tutu had a piece ripping off, so I cut it, and gave her a little headband. She loves being a "ballerina princess". or any type of princess, for that matter. Kara loves helping her dress up. I think she prefers dressing Kiersten up, to playing dress up herself.
Kara has been teaching her some ballet. Here she is trying to do a pose. She is so cute galloping around the room and saying, "chasse! chasse!" you'd have to hear it in her baby voice to know how cute it really is.
The ballet teacher with her student.


VicandNanc said...

Booo! I want to see pictures of the "beached whale"! haha! I'm sure people were just staring in admiration that you weren't home on the couch & instead being an adventurous 9 month prego mom. :) I love that Kara thinks she can be a teacher already, too cute.

Vicky Van Sickle said...

I doubt they thought you looked like a beached whale! You are a cute pregnant mom! Your girls are so darling. I miss them. That is so cute that Kara is teaching Kiersten to dance.