Saturday, February 27, 2010

memory lane

I was looking through our old pictures to find some good ones for Kara's baby book. I came across a lot of old ones, and I could hardly believe that was really us in those pictures. I can't believe I used to think Ben was so huge. He was really skinny in some of the pictures. These will be good to encourage us in our weight loss goals. (of course, mine will start after I've had the baby)
This first one is Ben throwing the javelin in high school. I actually used to look good in a bathing suit. I don't think I've been this tan since we've been married. This was the summer reight before we met, in 2001.
This is on our honeymoon in February 2003.
I think this was while we were dating, and went up to yellowstone. We were running around in those flowers, taking all kinds of jumping pictures. A few hours later, we ran into a couple, who said they recognized us from frolicking in the flowers. They were pretty excited to tell us they had seen us.

We were both so skinny. I could never dream of fitting into that size of jeans ever again! Of course, I probably shouldn't want to be that skinny again, everyone thought I had some kind of medical problem or eating disorder.

Ben lifting a really big rock to show off his strength in Salmon, ID. This was the summer of 2002, right before we got engaged. You can see why I said YES.

Another thing I noticed in all these old photos, I was ALWAYS wearing a cropped shirt. You'd think with how skinny I was back then, I could have found long enough shirts to cover my belly, but I guess it's better I wore them when I could. I wouldn't wear anything like this now.

We had the most fun weekend trips to Idaho while we were dating. Ben had to show me everything there was to see.

We both thought this picture looked like an ad for jeans or something.

I really like this one, how it shows off his arms. They were definitely the thing I always told people about when describing my new boyfriend.This was after we were married a year or two. We brought Nic rafting with us in Salmon. Ben wasn't as skinny, but still pretty ripped.

And remember when I was blonde? I know the roots are horrible. But I swear, my hair grows really fast.

Ben in Vegas. Both of us think it's strange he was wearing all black, since it was in the 100's while we were there.

This is in Idaho Falls when we bought our grand am. this one replaced the one I totaled a few months after we got married. I love Ben's bleached out hair.

And I also had to share this picture of Gizmo. He's Vicky's cat, but he stayed with us for a few days. He looks nothing like this now!


VicandNanc said...

Haha! Old pictures are always the best to look over! Ben has definitely changed the most. I hardly recognize him in that close up of you guys with the yellow flowers! ...and yes, you look so much healthier now, still skinny, but definitely better :)

Peterson Family said...

What a fun look back! Time passes so quickly it is almost frightening! The pictures are cute!