Thursday, March 4, 2010


Life has seemed to be so busy lately, and time is just flying by. Why does that always happen during my 2nd trimester of pregnancy? I wish that it was the 3rd trimester that went by fast! Kiersten is getting so big. I am going to try potty training her pretty soon. But I want to wait til I think she's definitely ready. This is how she looks after eating a sucker, and getting upset when I take what's left of it away. Occasionally, Kara will request her picture taken right before school. I think it's from her first week of preschool, when I was taking her picture every morning. Anyway, here is one of the days she wanted her picture taken. But she is always so serious for these pictures. She will not smile in them anymore.
Kara has started getting invited to birthday parties lately. A few weeks ago, she had one at build-a-bear, which was pretty fun. Last saturday, she had one to go to at a place called, Pump it up. Ben took her, and said it was fun too.

Here are the partiers., She only knew a few of the kids, but that never stops her from having fun and making new friends.
We were organizing our guest room, and took out 2 diaper boxes full of old bills and papers we don't need to keep any longer. Ben thought it would be a good idea to take it all up to lake alder and use it for a campfire. Of course, Kara loved the idea, and would hardly let Ben watch his hockey game, because she was so excited to go.
Here are some old bills going up in flames. We ended up having to use 2 different fire pits to burn it all, and it took a lot longer than we thought it would. We roasted hotdogs for dinner, and made chocolate-marshmallow banana boats. They weren't as good as i remember them being.
Best friend sisters. Kiersten always wants to hold hands with Kara lately.
We noticed a playground area, that we hadn't seen up there before. This tire swing was fun until Ben made it spin, and I quickly got sick.
The girls having fun.
When we were walking back to the car, Kara stopped and refused to keep walking until Kiersten hugged her.
cute family picture.
my sweet Kiersten yesterday. I can't believe she's almost 2!
Kara teaching Kiersten to play checkers. 2 nights ago, I noticed a good sized piece of Kara's hair on the floor. I asked her about it, and she said Kiersten pulled it out. I thought that was strange she hadn't cried or tattled, but Kiersten got a lecture about pulling hair. When Ben was getting her ready for bed, he noticed more of her hair in the bathroom trash can. He told me about it, and upon inspection, we noticed she had cut her hair. She cut a good amount from the left side of her head. She showed us the scizzors, and they are ones I don't even recognize, so who knows where she got them. Because I had emptied that trash can while the power was out earlier in the day, I can narrow down when she must have done it. She had a long nap right before Ben got home, so she has to have done it when I sent her to put the swiffer away in her bathroom. I am really surprised, because she loves her hair, and got really upset when we wanted to get it cut. So I have to think of hairstyles to camoflage the shorter hair. I don't think it would look good with layers because of how short she cut it. We'll have to go a few days and decide if she needs to get it fixed or not. Yesterday I just put braids in her hair, and that seemed to work out well.

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VicandNanc said...

Well, I'm glad that at least she didn't cut too much. I remember when Vic's niece was that age & she had the most beautiful long curly hair & she chopped it all off neck length. She didn't even look like the same girl, it was weird.