Thursday, February 18, 2010

Field trip to city hall

Kara doesn't usually have school on thursdays, but her teacher was having trouble getting parent volunteers for a field trip to city hall to meet the mayor of Tacoma. So I asked if she would like me to come along and help out. Kara was thrilled, since she missed the library field trip in January, and was going to miss this one too. Here she is holding hands with her buddy for the day. She really wanted her buddy to be one of the other girls, but these two did pretty well together. Kiersten came along too. She didn't behave perfectly, but did pretty well for her age. Her biggest issue was that she wanted a buddy like the other kids had. I just wasn't a good enough buddy, I guess.
The kids waiting for the bus. Their teacher really has them in line. It was impressive. If someone started acting up, all it took was her saying their name and they were back to good behavior.
the kids all piled into the bus. I think that was their favorite part of the entire field trip.
Marilyn Strickland, the mayor of Tacoma. She was just elected in November, and seemed pretty excited to have the kids there. She said this was her first group of pre-schoolers to come for the tour. She let them play on the terrace outside her office, and gave them all temporary tattoos and pins to take home. She took us down to see the council chambers and held a little mock meeting with the kids.
All the kids got to say their name into the microphone and ask a question if they wanted. Unfortunately Kara's teacher got in the way just as I took this picture. The mayor had asked the kids if anyone wanted to be a mayor when they grew up. Of course they all said they did. When Kara got up, her question was, "Is it okay if I can be the president instead of the mayor?" we all laughed, and Mayor Strickland told Kara that would be a very good thing to aspire to. Then Kara leaned in again and said, "or maybe I will be a cake maker." Then she just went and sat back down. She got a lot of laughs.
The kids loved sitting in these chairs for the "meeting". They didn't want any of us adults sitting with them.
The class posing with the mayor. The man on the left is the other parent that helped chaperone. All the kids loved having Kiersten along. Kara got a little protective, and kept reminding everyone that Kiersten is HER sister.
It was a fun little outing, and I'm glad I went. I didn't really want to, but I knew Kara did, and I didn't want the trip to get canceled for all the kids because there weren't enough parents to go. Mayor Strickland was so nice and happy to have us there. I think that made it really fun for all of the kids. All of her staff was really cheerful and nice as well, so those kids felt like special guests. We did cause a few people to take the stairs once they got a look inside the elevator full of children. That was pretty funny to see the surprised looks we got from people.

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Josh and Jackie said...

Cute it looks like they all had fun...I think its fun to go with them on field trips. I think I would like to do that too when Cash is in preschool.