Thursday, February 11, 2010

they're tutu cute

Kara and I made this adorable tutu together. It was fun and really simple to make. I totally plan on making more of them with her as soon as I get to the fabric store. I was trying to get her to put on some shorts under it, but she refused. It was kinda funny. at least she had on tights and underwear with it! she later took it off when some relief society ladies were over, and just came downstairs in the shirt and tights! taking a bow.
She has been begging to take another ballet class, but I want to wait til the summer. I told her she can take a swim class again, and now she asks me about it every day after school. I need to remember to get her signed up soon.
At preschool, they had a story book party. They brought in a book at the beginning of the week, and then on friday, they all dressed up like a character from their book. Wal-mart had this cute elmo costume on clearance for $3, so I sent in a sesame street book with her.
She wore it around for several days right after we got it.
Poor Kiersten was so jealous! who wants to dress up like a princess when big sister gets to dress up like the great elmo?
Kara loves showing off her new clothes she got for her birthday. This is the pose she does when she's trying to look "lovely". It's the funniest thing.
and of course, one of her famous funny faces!
She even asked me to get a picture of her on my lap. Good thing my camera has a timer so I can cave in to her demands. ALthough I had to be talked into it, I really do like this picture, and I'm sure it's one I'll always love looking at.
Kiersten is waking up with crazy hair-do's just like Kara used to. I love that she is following in Kara's hairy footsteps. Well, with the exception of the curls Kara always had, but Kierstens hair is adorable in it's own straight, messy way.
I went back for the cookie monster costume so they could dress up together. Kiersten was thrilled to get to be elmo! A few days ago I was in wal-mart, and these are not on clearance any more. Maybe the ones they have now are slightly different or something, but I'm glad I got these on clearance when I did. The costumes like this are $15 now!


Josh and Jackie said...

Cute I wanna make some for kaymie when she gets just a little bit bigger! When we come out you will have to show me how you did it! Your girls are getting big so fast..

VicandNanc said...

That tutu is just adorable. I've heard they are easy to make. I love the ribbon on it. Your updates are so fun to read from top to bottom :)