Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grrr! so mad!

I am so mad at the mom of one of Kara's preschool friends! She found lice eggs in her daughter's hair this morning, and brought her to school anyway. Of course, Mrs. Wright told her she couldn't stay at school, but the mom argued with her that it was just the eggs and they weren't hatched yet. Does she not realize they could hatch any time? or does she not care, since her daughter already has it anyway? For all she knows, they could have started hatching on the way to school. Kara's teacher was telling me that she felt so bad about not letting Maya in the play area, but this mom was just insisting that she let her stay. She said she has already used all of her sick days for the year and will get written up if she calls in. That's too bad, but not the other kids' fault. What a jerk. I think that is so rude of her to possibly expose everyone else's children and family to getting lice. I don't know of any school or daycare that would let you bring your child with a head full of lice. Mrs. Wright said that they were only there about 10 minutes arguing about it before they left. Maya didn't take off her coat or get past the front entry area, but we should still watch out for it just in case. She also told me that in a room full of kids, the lice prefers clean hair, so those are the kids who typically get it first. She wanted me to be aware because Kara is one of the kids that always comes to school with clean hair. My real concern, is that her mother found the eggs this morning, but she has been at school monday and tuesday, and last week as well. She could have had it already, and it could be in the classroom, or already spread to other kids. So for the next 14 days, I guess we'll be checking Kara's scalp on a daily basis. Thanks a lot, Maya's mom! If it were a situation where she didn't know she had it, and sent her in, I still wouldn't be happy, but I could understand how that might happen. But she knowingly brought her to school with it, and tried to insist that since she pays tuition, they have to let her stay! I would never do that, and I don't think very many people would. I felt horrible when Kara got pink eye. She had been to school 2 days before she got it, and I called the teacher to let her know. Kara was so excited about being class helper that day, but I made her stay home. She was so upset and it really broke my heart to see her so disappointed, butI felt like there wasn't any choice in the matter. If your kid has something contagious, you have to keep them home. Her teacher was scrubbing everything down when I got there, and said her hubby was on the way to help, so I just hope that is good enough to keep Kara's head lice-free.


Tyson and Alli said...

I would be furious! That mom should know better. So what if her child has already used all of her sick days, that does not matter! Good grief. I don't even know these people and I'm getting worked up ha ha.

VicandNanc said...

Yuck, all I can say is... "some people!" You think if she was that ignorant then she wouldn't have said anything at all! I haven't read your blog for a couple of weeks so it was fun catching up!

VicandNanc said...

Oh ya,... pretty ring Ben gave you (much better than what Vic gave me!) He thought I bought my own this year so he didn't get anything. I've never bought my own. What was he thinking?!?
Plus, I can see why kara was confused when you showed her a skull head! I can't really tell what is supposed to be either! Didn't they give you 3D pictures?