Monday, March 27, 2017

Sweetheart dance

The girls were very excited to attend the Daddy/Daughter Sweetheart dance this year. He picked out a new dress for each girl, and they were thrilled to find those hanging on their doorknobs when they came home from school. It was a nice day, so we headed outside to get a few pre-dance pictures. 
 I was planning on curls for this girl, but she had a bun in mind. Easy peasy!
 Kiersten went for the curls. She changed shoes several times, and finally went with black flats. Comfort won over sparkle in the end. 

 Kara straightened her hair, and it looked very nice. She doesn't want my help very much lately with her hair. :(
 She just loves this dress. 
 It's hard to get a silly pose out of Kara. Getting her to laugh does the trick, though.

 My sharp group, ready to head out. 

 This is one of my faves. 
 Silly sisters. 
 I grabbed this one off of the parks and rec website. 
I can't really count on Ben to remember to take any pictures at the dance. Luckily, there are other dads there that I can count on. 
 I hear the chicken strip were quite tasty.
 His one requirement for taking the girls to this dance, is that they have to dance with him at least once. 
 They had a pretty fun time, while I sat home making cupcakes for Kara's birthday party. 

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