Monday, March 27, 2017

Lego Batman Party

Kara waited 3 weeks to have her birthday party so that she could go see the Lego Batman movie. Ben helped her cover Kiersten's previously pink ballerina cupcake stand with black and yellow paper and ribbon to match her cupcakes. 
These are how I spent my evening while Ben took the girls to the Sweetheart Dance the previous evening. Pretty simple. I was glad to talk her into these Batman gummies we saw at the store instead of trying to do something more time consuming. 
She also wanted macaroons. She has been a little obsessed with them lately. At first, she was requesting a macaroon shaped/flavored cake. I was glad that she changed her mind. 
Party ready. I thought they did a great job with the cupcake stand. It didn't take them very long either. 

The kids all seemed to enjoy the movie. It was pretty funny. 

Not a lot of treats left by the end. They also got popcorn, a fruit snack, and a drink.
We requested extra time at the end of the movie for her to open gifts. Last year, there was not time, and several of the kids were disappointed to not see her open their gift. 

I was in and out with kids whose parents had arrived, etc, so I didn't catch too much of the opening frenzy. 

One of her favorite gifts was this lego "K" made by twin brothers she is friends with. She was extremely impressed with it. 
She even suggested I take a close up of the lego sculpture at home since the theater was so dark. 

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