Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kiersten-Baby turned 9

Can you believe that our little Kiersten-ator is NINE YEARS OLD?!? She is such a sweetheart, and we couldn't even get her to ask for any particular birthday gift. She's just a happy kid all around. 
Of course they love waking up to a decorated door. She loved Kara running through the streamers last year, so I wanted to do hers that way. I think I did a pretty good job of it for once. 
Though I did a good job on her doorway, I may have gotten sloppy with the streamers by her gifts, haha. 
Love that little blur bursting through! Evie came to wake me up in the morning, and said that Kiersten was knocking on her door wondering if she could come out. What will happen when I don't put anything on her door one year?

She was just sorry that Kara missed it. 
She was eager to get at all those birthday gifts!
Evie gave her a new diary. She asked if she could get it at the book fair, and we said no. Then I distracted her while Ben took Evie back to get it as a birthday gift. 

Kara got her a little stuffed dog. She loves stuff like that. 

She needed a new softball bat. She was still using a 26. 
She was happy to get Moana on DVD. 
But not as happy as Kara was. She absolutely loves that movie. 
Since she didn't really ask for anything, and we couldn't think of a "big" gift, we gave her a coupon for a shopping spree. Her sisters were pretty jealous. 

We had a fair amount of Kohl's cash, so we decided that's where the shopping would take place. 

For the 3rd year in a row, she requested tortellini for dinner. She also got root beer, and Kara made a throne for her glass to sit on. 
Since we just had cupcakes at her party, I made her a brownie with candles to blow out. 

Here's a pic of her getting ready to get some new stuff! Shopping with her is like shopping with a mini Ben. She definitely wanted to make the most of her money. 

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