Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Imagine A Musical

The first graders put on their musical a few weeks ago. It was all about imagination. Evie tried out for one of the dancing parts and was excited to get it. I didn't see that she had brought a teddy bear until we were ready to go in. I didn't want to walk clear back to where I parked, so ended up having to hold it for her during the performance. (It actually sat on the floor.) She said that she brought it to feel more brave. 
I was glad to see she was down in the front so I could see her face. 
Kara ran down to the gym and got us seats in the front row. It's the first school event we've ever been able to sit in front for. It's kind of nice to have pictures without the back of anyone else's head to crop out. 
She had lots of cool dance moves. 
They sounded very cute!
Evie got to be on stage dancing for the last song, Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. 
There was a lot of twirling.
Daddy brought her some fun flowers that she was thrilled to recieve. 

She wanted to make cupcakes that weekend. (Notice her fabulous bouquet on the counter. She added some plastic grapes she got at a flower shop birthday party.) She was the only one up, so we baked a half batch of cupcakes. I didn't want too many sitting around. We ended up with 6.  
She saw a commercial for poop emoji cupcakes, so that was what she wanted to make. We didn't have any candy eyes like they used in the commercial, so she used melted chocolate to pipe some out. 
It got a little messy. It was good that we only needed enough for 6 cupcakes, because it took a lot of practice for her to get them right. 
While we waited for the cupcakes to cool and the eyes to set up, she wanted to do a craft, so we looked at pinterest. She picked this troll headband, and since we had everything needed, I helped her make it. She was pretty excited. She wants to wear it to school, but I'm making her wait til they have crazy hair day or something like it. I don't know if this would be considered a "hat". Hats are off limits.
I piped on some frosting, and she placed her eyes. These were actually hard to eat with so much frosting. Too much chocolate. The kids didn't seem to have a hard time, though. 
She got this troll skirt the day before, and decided it should be worn with her new headband. 
Kiersten wanted to get a picture of her outfit too. She kept asking whose outfit was the most stylish. I said I thought Daddy's was. 
After Kiersten was up, the cupcakes ended up getting chocolate smiles. This one got a mustache instead, and of course a top hat to hide the fact that I ran out of frosting, and the top looked weird. 
She wanted to make a troll headband too. 
Cutie wooties! They couldn't talk Kara into making a headband. Sometimes she's a party pooper. 
I got a couple pictures of Evie playing at the school while we were waiting for the other girls to get back from CCL. We had some really nice days in February. I wish those would have waited for spring break instead!

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