Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Showered With Love

Valentine's Day was on a school day this year. I had the girls' treats waiting for them when they got off the bus. I reused the gumball machine from last year. It's a little beat up, but still worked to hold a bag of tasty skittles. I also sprinkled conversation hearts around the table. 
Some smiling faces found their way into the kitchen after school. 

Ben got a new barstool for his Chiefs basement. I wanted to put it together for him, but ran short on time, so he got it in the box, and we put it together that night.
The girls all got new shirts this year. 

They also got necklaces, lipgloss, and some yummy treats. 

Evie was super excited about this rose lollipop. That is, until she tasted it, then not such a fan. 
Our heart pizza came from Boardwalk this year. Pizza is always welcome in our house!
Kiersten was star student the week of Valentine's. We all helped her fill out her poster. 
Evie got to make a valentine mail box this year. None of the girls had ever been assigned to bring one to school before. They usually make a bag or pouch at school for them. So they were all pretty excited to help her make one this year. We used scrapbook paper for the sides, and she painted the lid pink. Then she had a good time gluing little pink beads around the opening on top. 
It turned out cute. Once she got to school, she pulled off the paper from one side of the box so she could show off that it was a LeBron James shoebox. haha. She claims the other kids were very impressed. 

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