Monday, February 27, 2017

Christmas Eve 2016

Nearly 2 months ago, we celebrated Christmas Eve. Here are some pictures from our fun evening. We surprised the girls with matchy dresses this year. They looked super cute.
They all got silly hats at the store, and had fun modeling them all day. 

Kara did a phenomenal job setting the table. Ben, helped her, and it looked great!

After dinner we opened out new jammies before heading out to look at Christmas lights. 

The girls did their best to feign surprise at getting pjs. 

They got cute animal jammies that are super fuzzy and comfy. 

Ben requested no more pj pants, so he got a robe. Kiersten helped me pick this out, and was nervous to see if he would like it. Ithink she was pleased with his reaction. 
I got some fuzzy jammies too.
Before we headed out for our drive, Evie filled a cup of milk for Santa.
Kiersten picked out some cookies for him too. 
Evie was hesitant to leave, because she thought we might miss Santa. 
Kara always writes a note from the family. I have saved them every year, and it's cute to look back at what she writes each time. 

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