Monday, February 27, 2017

Eleven Years

Karalee has now been with us for 11 years. That is something worth celebrating.
I was planning to make more braided streamers, but I was getting tired, so I just ended up with one. I thin k I made it work. 

She woke up looking the same way I felt after staying up too late the night before.
She was excited to take some of her balloons outside for the mailbox. I told her usually people do that when they are hosting a party at their house, but she wanted to do it anyway.

I can't believe she is so grown up already. 
Birthday hugs were plentiful. 
She just wanted cereal and hot cocoa for breakfast. 
I also let her open one of her birthday candy bars. 
After dinner we let her open her gifts. 
Kiersten was very excited to buy her a pair of rainboots. She has been asking for some for a long time. 

Ben got her this Chiefs sweater, and she had to try it on immediately. 
Evie gave her a card with a coupon for 3 free boxes of girl scout cookies. 

She kept reminding me that her birthday was also her hamster Sprinkles' "hamsterversary", so we got her some treats. 

I love Kiersten's supportive excitement as Kara realized she was opening the cell phone she's been dying to have. 

Even the long list of rules associated with the phone did not dampen her spirits. She has been very good with it so far, and hasn't broken a "phone rule" yet. 

Ben helped make a birthday cake for Kara. We decided to go with the heart shaped cake this year. 
She loves blue, so we bought blue frosting. It happened to come with fish shaped sprinkles, so I went ahead and put those on as well. 
It turned out pretty fun.
Eleven candles can look a bit overwhelming on a small cake. 

She still got them all with one blow. 

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