Monday, January 23, 2017

My Guy at 3-5

Ben turned 35 in December. We gave him all of his gifts a day early, because he spent his birthday in Kansas City watching the Chiefs with his buddies. 
The girls picked out lots of interesting gifts, and were excited to see if he would like them. 

Kara and Kiersten got him this giant package of twix bars. There were 18 candy bars in there. We still have some sitting in the pantry. The girls haven't found it yet. 

Kiersten was eager for him to open a gift that she asked me to order for him. It was the live action trilogy of Ruroni Kenshin. She planned on getting it for a few months, and we ended up having to get it shipped from Singapore, as it was not available yet here. 
He was genuinely happy to receive it. I think it may be the most successful gift the girls and I have ever gotten for him. He's a tricky one. 
He also loved the tie his mom sent. He wears it every red Friday. 

On Sunday, since Ben was in KC, the girls wanted to decorate their gingerbread house. One of these years I really want to make one from scratch, but we went with a kit again this year. 
If you're wondering about their crazy hair, please know it was a fight to even get them to go get dressed that morning, haha. 

Kiersten carefully piped icing on the sides and roof, so Evie could smear and smash candies all over her hard work. 

Evie kept all the candies she wanted to eat off to the side, and insisted that there wasn't room for those ones. Kara was annoyed with that. 
Finished product, a fabulous, cozy house for ginger people to inhabit. 
View from the side. I suspect Evie could have found space for some more of those tasty candies. 

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