Monday, February 27, 2017

Happy 2016 Christmas

I am finally sharing our pictures from Christmas. The girls were very excited, and up later than I'd have liked. When they woke up, their stocking were full and waiting.
Kara got 2 new games. 
Kiersten has been asking for Calico Critters for the past 6 years. Santa finally got the hint that she really really wanted these funny little guys. 
Evie asked for a Skating Minnie Mouse. I suppose, because 15 Minnie Mouse toys were just not enough.
Kiersten got several Calico Critter sets. This one is a cruise ship with a fishing boat and an island.

She also got a lakeside lodge and mini van. 
The third set was a bakery.
The lakeside lodge was set up for a birthday party inside.

She was beyond thrilled with her critters. Evie was a little jealous.

They always have fun going through their stockings.

Of course they were anxious to get down to the unwrapping of gifts.

It's kind of hard to keep them taking turns and paying attention to each other, but I do my best to maintain control.

I was up past 3 AM finishing these dang hats, but the girls were excited about them, so it was worth it. 

Evie's was my favorite.
Ben always gets lots of Chiefs themed items.

Evie was pretty happy with her new friends.

Kara loved the shirt she got from Evie.
Kiersten was also really happy with the dress Evie bought for her. Evie did a good job shopping this year.
Kiersten was excited for Kara to open this art set from her. It got used almost immediately.
We found this little pink jacket at a gas station, and Evie just loved it!
Kiersten got her favorite picture with Dustin Colquitt printed out on canvas.
Ben got Kara her first nice jewelry, a pair of ruby earring and matching necklace. She takes care of them very carefully.
Evie asked us for "troll stuff", so her big gift from us was several different troll toys. She was happy to have a big, stacked gift to open.
Kiersten's big gift was a zoomer kitty. She had asked for yellow, but was happy with this pink one that she didn't realize was an option.
Kara's big gift was a cotton candy maker. Boy have we had some fun with this. You put hard candy in to be turned into cotton candy, so it actually tastes good. I never thought I could be a fan of cotton candy, but it really is good!
I got spoiled with some lovely new jewelry as well.

After breakfast, we drove out to KC for the Chiefs game. Kara and I got to be on the field at half time holding a giant bell. It was rainy and cold, but kind of neat. In the future, I'll let Ben be the one to go on the field. He definitely appreciates it more than I do. 
We are on the far left. We were too far away for Ben to get many pictures to turn out. 

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