Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Last week of school

I meant to post these before we went on vacation last week, buuuut, I didn't. So here they are now.

One of the things Evie wanted to do during our last week before the big girls got out of school, was to visit the Magic House. It's always a fun time, and wasn't very crowded.

The China room is her new favorite. She would be happy to spend the entire day in there.

I was glad that the outdoor garden was open.

Our final outing of the week took us to Chuck E Cheese. We had just been there with Kiersten for a birthday party, and Evie had lots of tokens left over. It's not so bad to be there with just one kid right when they open. I'd maybe even think about taking her again sometime.

I will definitely miss my one on one days with her next year. :(
The girls were very excited about their last day of school. I am always tempted to keep them home since it's just a half day, but they are so excited to go.

They were totally ready for the silly string, but we got them pretty good anyway.

It was actually kind of cold that day, so the girls were disappointed they had to wear leggings and jackets.

Goofy kids!
After they got off the bus, we headed to the park for a play date with tons of kids from school. They had a fantastic time.
I love this baby. She's happy at least 98% of the time, and makes it hard for us not to be happy too.
Kiersten couldn't get all of the silly string out of her hair.

It was a fun school year!

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