Monday, May 18, 2015

The Ends of Things

This is the time of year when everything wraps up, and things come to an end. Kiersten's Daisy troop had their bridging ceremony last week, to go from Daisies to Brownies. It hardly seems like it's been 2 years already.
 I made a rainbow bridge out of candy to bridge between this cake and a plate of brownies, but I didn't get a very good picture. It was made of rainbow twizzlers and rainbow lollypops.
The girls each had a daisy that they gave away to a future daisy scout, and then they crossed the bridge and received a brownie from an older girl scout on the other side. We have the sweetest group of girls!
My Kiersten Joy crossing the bridge.
 I just love all these silly billies!
On Thursday Evie graduated from preschool. She has been in this school for 3 years. She was very excited about graduation day. Her class did an adorable song for us.
There she is, ready to graduate!
My sweet girl! She just loved her teacher this year, and she will definitely be missed. Kiersten still talks about when she was in her class.

Luckily, Ben was able to take the day off to see her graduate. She was so excited to get flowers.
She also gave flowers to her sweet teacher.
No more preschool for this big girl!
On Friday, the kids were invited back for a magic/comedy/clown show.
I had to share this one, because I love how she's laughing so hard.

After the show, all the kids got popsicles to enjoy.
Last week I also got to accompany Kara on a field trip to Powder Valley. She loves learning about animals, so this field trip was right up her alley. She was extra thrilled to be assigned to learn about the bob cat, because of her thing for cats and all.
 It was a nice day, and the kids loved being outdoors.
 I enjoyed the hike, but was not as enthusiastic to dig for bugs. It was hard to talk the kids into not being freaked out, when I wanted scream and run away myself. Kara was excited to catch the bugs. She caught a roly poly, a worm, and a spider.  
 After lunch, our group had time to hike the trails and explore the exhibits. the girls I was chaperoning had a great time.
 They were particularly excited about this fish tank, because it was feeding time, and they thought it was hilarious to see the large fish and turtles catch and eat the smaller fish that got dumped in there.
Today was the final Evie/Mommy Monday. Next year she'll be going to school all 5 days, so we won't have a day all to ourselves. I took her to six flags bright and early. It was a great day for it. There were lots of high schools there, but they don't tend to be in the kiddie ride area, so she had the run of the place.

It's finally warm enough for the fountains to be turned on at the splash pad. We went on more rides than we've been able to for a while. It was a perfect, sunny day, and really no lines. We even hit the timing perfectly for lunch. Only one person was ahead of us, and then the line flooded in right behind. I really can't imagine how it could have been a nicer day.

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Nancy said...

That makes me want to have mommy days with Tommy! I am sad he'll be starting kindergarten! You are so good to always keep on blog posts!!