Monday, June 8, 2015

Magic Kingdom 2015

After we disembarked from the cruise, we took the girls to Magic Kingdom for the day. We didn't tell them we were going there, and I acted like I was annoyed at Ben for going the wrong direction. We kept asking the girls to help watch the freeway signs so we could get turned back around. I got a pic of Kiersten right as she was noticing the Disney World signs. The other 2 had fallen asleep, but at least Kiersten had a fun reaction.
It was a fairly pleasant day to be there. Not too hot. At first they were still confused, and weren't sure if we were just going in to use the bathroom quickly. I'm still not sure how they thought we had tickets, and rode the monorail in, and would just be going to the bathroom, lol.

Our fast passes worked out pretty well, and we got on many more rides than I expected we would. It felt really crowded, but we really didn't wait in very long lines.

They didn't want to meet very many characters, but Kiersten couldn't pass up a chance to get a picture with Ariel.

Evie's favorite ride was Goofy's Barnstormer, the same as 2 years ago.

The girls were pretty excited to see Tinkerbelle. And we went right at the perfect time, during the parade, so we just walked straight in to meet her. It was an exhausting day, and almost seems like a blur in retrospect, but a fun time was had by all, and I'm really glad that we decided to take them.

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Nancy said...

That's a great surprise! I miss Disney world!!