Thursday, June 25, 2015

Swim season

The girls have been keeping busy with swim team this summer. Evie is very excited that she made the team this year. She has really struggled, but at least she's doing it. I almost didn't buy her a team suit because I didn't think she had a good chance to be on the team, but I'm glad I got it for her.

Kiersten has really loved swimming this year. She is one of the slowest in her age group, but she keeps improving, so I have to remind her that she's going in the right direction.
Kara has been doing pretty well too. She sprained her foot last week, so that has slowed her down, but she's hanging in there.

We have also spent lots of time hanging out by the pool aside from swim team.
It's nice to have Evie swimming confidently now. She only wore her swim vest once, and now she doesn't need it. I still feel like I need to keep a close eye on her, but she really does fine.
Ben raced with a few of his friends a few weeks ago. He got beat, and it was pretty funny.

One day last week, the lifeguards kept calling everyone out of the pool for thunder. Just when it was almost time to be able to get back in, there was more thunder, so I gave up and took the girls home to run through the sprinklers. They had a grand time.

It gave me a chance to weed the flower bed. I didn't mind getting sprinkled, because it was really hot out there.
Evie hasn't shined quite yet in the swim meets. She is terrified to jump off the block, even though she does it all the time at practice. At the last meet, one of the coaches finally just pushed her in.
She does okay when a helper is in the water with her, even though they don't actually touch or help her at all. I think it just makes her feel more safe. She has done really great at practice this week, so I have high hopes for her next meet.
Kiersten keeps setting new personal bests, so that's really all we ask of her. She swam a no breather lap at practice the other day, which was something she was really working for.
Kara was getting better, but her hurt foot has slowed her down. She also swam with her eyes closed when her goggles fell off, and ran into the wall pretty hard. With that and getting a frenectomy and braces in the last two weeks, she's had a bit of a rough time lately.
Go Castle Pines Crocodiles!

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