Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Castaway Cay

The second stop on our cruise was in Castaway Cay, Disney's private island. I would live there if allowed. Ben and I decided to run the 5K in the morning. I wish it had been earlier so it wouldn't have been so hot. We didn't start running til almost 9AM. Ben was worried he wouldn't do well, but he beat my slow butt.  
I felt like I was running so slowly. But as I finished, I was surprised that it only took me about 3-4 minutes longer than my normal time. The heat was really more than I anticipated. Luckily, there was a guy who annoyed me before the race, so when I saw him pass me, it gave me a second wind to finish strong. I had to beat that guy in the yellow shirt. There was another guy I was keeping pace with for the entire race. We passed each other 7 or 8 times, but right at the end Ben said he sprinted hard and finished a few steps before me.
Then we headed back to the ship to get Vicky and the girls. The walk back felt a lot longer in the heat.
We ran into Goofy on our way to the beach. I know I can count on Kara to look at the camera.
We also ran into Mickey, so I made us get a family picture. So there you go, we probably wont get a new one for a few years now, haha.
Vicky and Kara went for a bike ride around the island. I can't recall what happened to Ben at first, but I took the little girls to the beach. It was another lovely day.
Kiersten did whatever Kierstens do.

While Evie did whatever Evies do.

And they played together rather nicely.
Olaf opened a new smoothie stand since we were last here.
Ben took Evie snorkeling for the first time, and she seemed to enjoy it, the little cutie-kins! I don't think she saw many fish, though.
Then I took Evie on the float so Kiersten could snorkel. She loves it. She spent a lot of time out there, and even went again later with me. She was getting mad that people were walking in the snorkel area, and clouding up the water. So she asked to be dropped off in the Oceaneer beach for the kids.
Kara and Evie also went to the kids beach, so Ben and I decided to check out Serenity Bay, which is for adults only. There were not many people there, so that was nice. We snorkeled a bit, and did some swimming.
Ben dove down to get a huge sand dollar for Kiersten, but it got confiscated on our way back onto the ship.
I felt like we were on our own private beach. Seriously, if Disney would let me live here, I would. I'm actually kind of annoyed that I'm not there now.
Kara and Kiersten both got sunburned. I felt badly, but the burns didn't last long.
Back on the ship it was pirate night! Always a highlight for us.
Kiersten tends to have random, inexplicable pouty moments on occasion. There is usually no reason, or no good reason. During the pirate show on deck, she started pouting, and did not want to watch the show. I think she regretted it by the end. She didn't know why she was grumpy, just that she was. I'm guessing she was tired. Also, she left her pirate hat in the Oceaneer Lab, so that could be part of it.
But sunshine was happy to be there. Kara went down on the deck to dance, so we didn't see much of her til after the show was over.
I need to carry a copy of this picture with me so when people ask why we like Disney cruises I can just show them. That face is why.
We had a great seat for dinner on the last night. We also were there for breakfast the next morning.
I had to get a picture since Kara finally dressed up for dinner. And then Ben posed with such a straight face! He said he was doing a European portrait.
I love this girl more than she will ever understand.
4 days feels awfully short after doing a full week on the last 2 cruises. We were sad to disembark, but happy about what a wonderful time we had in the Bahamas and on the Dream.

aaaaaand... here are the rest of the pictures I almost forgot about because they were on the other camera. ;)


Nancy said...

It all looks so fun! I can't wait to do that someday :-)

Vicky Van Sickle said...

I loved the day we spent at Castaway Cay!