Monday, May 11, 2015

End of the year at CCL

Today was the girls' last day at CCL for the year. So last week they both had their final project night. Kara's unit this semester was on healthy living. Her project was a video game she made using scratch. It turned out super cute.  
She is very proud of  her work.
The girls all had fun seeing all of the different projects the 3rd graders worked on. There were a few other video games, several board games, crafts, and other interactive activities. They did not want to leave when it was time to go.
One of the tables had the kids make stress relieving sponges. Kiersten and Evie both liked making those.

The next evening was Kiersten's project night. She has been learning about animals and the environment. For a field trip, she got to visit the World Bird Sanctuary. The project night was a big fund raiser for the WBS. There were live birds, face painting, a cake walk, raffle baskets, and items the kids made to sell. Kiersten worked the table selling these cute bird houses and magnets that the kids made at school. It was a pretty fun night.
Kara was a big spender at the event. She bought me a surprise flower planted in a tea cup for a mother's day gift. She also bought some of Kiersten's magnets, a rock painted like a lady bug, several treats, and raffle tickets for herself and Evie.
Ben was off work early, so he was able to attend. That was great, because he was able to take Kara and Evie around while I helped Kiersten run her booth.
This morning I got a phone call that Evie and Kiersten had both won raffle baskets. Kiersten's teacher didn't want to send them home on the bus with her, so Evie and I stopped by to pick them up. She won a frozen basket, and was more than thrilled. She kept saying she just wanted to tango with Olaf. She had put all of  her tickets in that basket, and plans to share with Kara, since she bought the tickets for her.
Kiersten won a palace pets basket. She got a few palace pets, and some other cute toys. She was really excited when she got home from school.
The tango happened about  6 times. Now she can stop complaining that she didn't win the Mickey Mouse from the carnival a few weeks ago. She had wanted to tango with him originally. This stuffed Olaf talks, and kept talking the whole ride home, so that kept her pretty entertained.
Kara wanted me to take a picture of her looking "jealous". And this was the best she had. Ha ha. But in reality, she was excited for her sisters and was very excited to play with the new winnings.

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