Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First game of the season

We went to our first Chiefs game of the season on Sunday. We drove down to stay the night in Kansas City, and got to the stadium bright and early Sunday morning.
The girls always love the pregame activities.

We all got coke cans with our names on them. Kara mindlessly threw hers away, and was upset, so I had to take her back to get another.
A 4-armed football player.

Kara was thrilled to be able to throw the football through the hole. I didn't think she would get it.
I didn't get it through the hole, but I like this picture, because it looks like it's gonna go in!

We found our seats an hour before the game started. Not a lot of people there yet.
Lunch time!
...Or snack time, for some.

The girls love doing the Chiefs tomahawk chop. Evie loves it the most. She's always doing it.

There were a few promising moments at the beginning, but they ended up losing pretty painfully. Kiersten and Evie were both a bit upset that they lost.

Some guy was walking by our seats, and stopped to ask me if he could buy the girls a snow cone. All he asked in return was a high five, and a "Go Chiefs!" They were happy to oblige. Poor Kiersten came back from the bathroom, and had asked Ben to buy her a snow cone, but he had said no. Evie was very sweet and shared hers with Kiersten so she wouldn't be left out.
It was a fun time, and the girls are excited to go again. Hopefully next time will be a win!


bmills said...

gotta love that Tomahawk Chop by the kids!

Vicky Van Sickle said...

It looks like so much fun.