Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Evie's first day as a Gentle Giraffe!

It's finally Evie's turn to be the star of the front porch! Yesterday was her orientation day at school, so she picked out a new outfit, and kept asking all morning if I was going to take her picture on the porch.
She kept asking me  what poses the girls had done. I told her they just stood there, or sat down, so she tried a few things.
And then she just came up with her own unique pose.
I hadn't planned to have another photo session today, but since Ben referred to it as her "first real day of school", (since I wont be staying) she wanted to take another picture.
She was so excited to get going, especially knowing that some of her best girl friends are in her class again this year. She told me on the drive to school, "since that new kid doesn't know any of us, it's all our job to be nice and friendly". I told her that was very nice and to be friends with everyone. There are only 9 children in her class this year, so that should be pretty easy.
Ready for school! I have to say that it was nice to just walk her in and leave without her clinging to me or crying at all. Such a difference from the last 2 years on the first day.
She insisted that the big kids sit in the back. I pointed out that most of her buddies were sitting closer, but she wouldn't move. When I picked her up, she told me that last year the big kids sat in the back, but this year they don't have to. So I guess she must have found someone she wanted to sit with that was not at the back. She is excited for her tote bag to be dry so she can bring it home to show everyone. She says it's her best one ever.
Yeesh, am I really in my last year of ever having a kid in preschool... ever? Seems pretty unbelievable.

And lastly, a few pictures requested by Ben of our last day at the pool. Sunday was supposed to be stormy, so we went early to get the most out of the last day. But it was a gorgeous day, and lots of friends were there, so we stayed all afternoon and had one last dinner at the pool. It was good times, and I'm not sure what we'll do with our weekends now.


Vicky Van Sickle said...

Evie looks so big and grown up now. I love your underwater pictures!

Nancy said...

Oh my goodness, we have been SO busy that I haven't read any updates since the beginning of August! It looks like it's been a fun summer!!!