Friday, September 26, 2014

Disney on Ice! Princesses and Heros

Last night we took the girls to see Disney on Ice. It's been a few years since we've gone, so they were excited.
Kara surprised me by wanting to wear her Rapunzel dress instead of the simpler dress I had laid out for her. Later she did say that she only wore the dress because she thought I wanted her to. Kiersten grew out of her Ariel dress, so she got to wear her Easter dress. I think she still felt pretty fancy. She whispered to me at one point, "Mom! I really am a princess!"
Pretty princess Evie and my skinny hubby!
Some of our friends also went, and we all sat together. The girls were thrilled to find their buddies there.

Kiersten said it was the best Disney on Ice ever.
I was excited the show started with the story of Aladdin, one of my faves!

Snow White's not too much of a favorite around our home, so I wasn't super excited when that story started.
But Snow White and her prince had the best couple skate of the night.
Belle's story was pretty brief. I felt like I looked away for a second, and then it was over.
Kiersten enjoying a sno-cone in her souvenir Ariel cup!
Evie decided to get popcorn in a fun Mickey bag., She really wanted that ridiculously over priced popcorn!
Kara got this crown with her cotton candy. I was shocked that she wore it, and even more so that she intends to bring it to wear on our cruise. Maybe her "girly rebellion" is dialing down a bit.
Kiersten was beyond super excited when Prince Eric came out. He actually had a lot of time on the ice. I have over 20 pictures of just Eric. I wanted to make sure I got a good one for her scrapbook.
She was all the more thrilled about Ariel making her appearance.
I found the Triton costume to be hilarious, and had to get a picture. I actually laughed out loud when I saw him. I guess it just caught me off guard a bit.

It was difficult to get a good shot of any of the villians because it was so dark when they came out. But here's an okay one of Ursula being her Evil self.
Oh, the romance of it all! Kiersten could hardly contain herself. I've never seen her smile sooo huge.
Tiana's performance was aslo short and sweet. She got lifted up a bunch of times by a bunch of guys.
But she definitely had the best music, and Evie couldn't sit still through it. She had to get up and dance.
When Maleficent turned into a fire breathing dragon, Evie was momentarily terrified, and then impressed by the fire. She asked Ben if it was real.
The huge sigh of relief she breathed when Philip finally got to Aurora was noticeable to both Ben and I. She was such a sweetie.

Drizella and Anastasia ruining the ball.
Cinderella always arrives in style.

Kara's favorite part was when they finally got to Rapunzel's story.  
When all of the princesses and heros came out again at the end, Evie had to make sure to wave to everyone.  
Grand finale.
When Tinkerbelle got into the carriage, Kara said, "Ugh! Tinkerbelle is such a diva!" 
Evie was excited that there were fireworks indoors.
Kiersten turned and said, "This is amazing!" 
We had a fun and lively walk back to the car. All the kids, not just ours were dancing and bouncing down the street. 
Kara even let Ben twirl her around, which is something she usually refuses to do. We always try to catch her off guard, but she's pretty quick to notice what we're trying to do. A pretty big change from that afternoon, when she was in her closet crying because she didn't want to go. She is after all, you know, too old and cool to enjoy these things anymore...

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Nancy said...

Looks like fun! I miss having stuff like that only an hour away!