Saturday, September 20, 2014

Crafty Saturday

Since Kara has not been wanting to wear any of her hair bows lately because they are too "little girl-ish", She wanted to make some smaller bows and clips. As long as her hair is out of her face, I am happy, so I let her make as many as she wanted today. I helped her with a couple. My hope is that getting ready in the morning will not be a fight now that she is excited about these hair accessories.
A few times I wanted to stop her and tell her what I would do instead. But then she probably would refuse to wear it, so I let her do what she thought was cute. They did mostly turn out pretty cute. Ben was not shy about sharing his opinion about which ones were less cute than the others.

She couldn't help wanting to make some larger bows. So she made a purple bow for Evie and a pink one for Kiersten. They turned out very, artistic. All 3 girls were excited, so that's a win.

I couldn't just sit there not doing anything, so I made a few bows too. Kiersten wanted some for soccer and one for Halloween. I also made each girl a bow to wear to Disney on Ice next week. Kara even agreed to wear the one I made for her, at least that one night.
Then I got a little crazy and cut up an old plastic table cloth to make painting smocks for the girls. They loved it, but I don't expect these to last long. They kept ripping, though it was easy enough to sew them back up. I also sewed my finger when Ben had come into the room, and I was distracted. So now I have a lovely purple blood blister to show for it.
With new painting smocks, they had to paint something right away. Luckily I had let them get some birdhouses several weeks ago they they hadn't had time to paint yet.
My little blue house. I didn't realize til halfway through that I was painting it to match my livingroom. So I may stick it on a shelf or table. We'll see.
Evie finished her house pretty fast. She says it's for a princess bird.
Kara hated how hers turned out, so she decided to repaint the whole thing.
Making a "fashion bird house".
I decided to make a bird peeking out the back window. The girls loved that, though no one could tell what it was at first.
Kiersten is happy with her house. She even tried to paint the inside.
Kara finally finished her second coat and was happy with hers as well.
And isn't that a fun way to spend a Saturday?

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Bmills said...

.... A few weeks? Those bird houses have been here for months