Friday, May 9, 2014

Important kid stuff

May is always really full of school activities. This week was particularly Kiersten-heavy. On Monday she had an ecology festival at CCL. They got to do a little performance, and present the projects they've been working on.
They got to show off their artwork. Kiersten was very proud to show me. She said, "Mom, I'm very gifted at art".
They each designed their own t-shirts.
Kiersten's group did a presentation on gardening. They made a poster, a powerpoint presentation, bookmarks, and a compost box.
They were very excited to show off the powerpoint. It was super cute.
They made a compost bin, and were thrilled to show off their worms that live inside.
On Wednesday Kiersten had a magic performance. She's been staying after school for the past 6 weeks for a magic class. She's shown us a few of her tricks, but was excited to show off at the performance.
They all got to choose a magician name. Hers was "Kiersty-poo-puppy".
She performed a dollar bill trick. She turned a regular sized paper dollar into a large one. We were all impressed!

After the performance, they were all awarded a magic wand. She has already asked if she can take more lessons.

Kara did a project on Ruby Bridges at school for their famous American unit. All of the kids that did the same person worked together to create a big paper doll. Kara's name got chosen to get to bring it home, so she was pretty excited to show it off.
The other girls wanted a chance to pose with Ruby too.
Today was Kiersten's kindergarten celebration. Evie got to go with me to the school. The kids were so excited to see the parents come into their classroom.
They performed 4 little poems. I'll just post one for now, but they were all super cute. Kiersten was showing off a little more than normal.

They were very happy to be given their kindergarten completion certificates.

Kiersten's teacher is currently on maternity leave, so she brought her baby to visit the kids today. They were all thrilled and distracted, and everyone had to get their picture taken with their beloved teacher. She will be back for the last week of school.

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